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The Association encourages members to register with an Area Group or Groups, thus enabling them to keep in touch with events offered locally. There are two clusters of members, the North East and the South East operating under the Scotland Group and the South Coast Group respectively, information is through the Area Group.

Bristol Channel Group
┬áCovers the area of the Bristol Channel, East of Govan’s Head and Hartland Point.

Channel Islands Group
Covers the two major Islands and their surrounding smaller neighbours.

East Coast Group
Covers the coast between the Wash and North Foreland.

Ireland Group
Caters for both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

North Wales Group
Also welcomes members from North West England and the West coast of Wales.

Scotland Group
Covers the East and West coasts of Scotland. It also looks after the North East Cluster.

South Coast Group
Covers the coast between Dover and Weymouth it also looks after the South East Cluster.

South West Group
Covers the coast between Weymouth and Hartland Point.


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