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Buying a Westerly?

This is a service offered by members of The Westerly Owners' Association ("WOA") "Boatline" scheme to help those who wish to buy a Westerly. "Boatline" members are happy to answer questions about the suitability, performance and ownership costs of owning the class in question, and will invariably own, or have recently owned the Westerly class you have selected.

This service is intended to offer assistance to those who are genuinely interested in buying a Westerly. It is not to be used by those who are not members of WOA to get free technical advice. The Boatline members have agreed to give this information freely to promote the Westerly marque to the benefit of both existing and prospective owners, but are free to decline to offer advice.

This service is to be anonymous in the first instance, and by email only, unless the Boatline member agrees to contact you, in which case details may be exchanged at both parties risk.

Please be aware that the Members who offer their services are keen sailors, In the summer, this means that many are cruising for extended periods, and in the winter may often be away working on their boats. Consequently, their availability is sometimes limited.

You will experience at first hand the friendly and helpful nature of our Association. We hope that if this is your first contact with WOA it will lead to years of enjoyable sailing and that you will join the very active and successful Westerly Owners’ Association.

The Westerly Owners’ Association does not give any guarantee regarding the quality, suitability or legality of any advice offered. Any opinion will be that of the respondent and may not necessarily be that of WOA, and does not imply endorsement of any product or service. WOA and members of the "Boatline" scheme accept no liability for any advice proffered, or for faulty goods or service acquired as a result.

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