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Channel Islands: AGM 2017

1st July 2017 @ 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
Saturday 1st July 2017, Bramley Suite, Pomme d’Or Hotel Jersey at 17.00

Mike Tai, Julie Payne, Brian Stuttard, Liz Stuttard, David Jibb, Mike Wilkins, Robert Brial, John Hysted, Diana Roblett.

Garry Wade, Geoff Winchester, Andy & Liz Truscott, Charles & Jane Patchett, Nigel & Ann Green, Peter & Vicky Warren, Remy & Louise Giraud, David & Jan Ballingall, Jerry & Ali Hart, George & Janet Gaudin, Mark & Mary Pilbeam, Ian & Sam Flambard, Matthew Henry, Chris Morris.

Mike Tai took the Chair and opened the meeting by welcoming everybody present. In particular he was delighted that David Jibb, our Rear Commodore, was able to attend. He thanked DR once again for kindly agreeing to the Minutes.

1. Apologies for non-attendance were as recorded.

2. Confirmation of the AGM Minutes, 16/07/2016. The Minutes were read out and agreed upon, proposed as a true record by BS and seconded by JP.

3. Matters arising. There were no matters arising.

4. Nomination for election of Committee Members. In accordance to the CI Group Rules, Section 3.3, all the existing Committee Members retired at the AGM but were eligible for re-election. MT was pleased to inform the meeting that all the existing Committee Members were willing to stand again for re-election for the ensuing year 2017 – 2018. They were: Remy Giraud, Ann Green, Julie Payne, Diana Roblett, Brian Stuttard, Mike Tai, Garry Wade, Peter Warren. In addition, MT welcomed Robert Brial for agreeing to join the Committee if elected. Accordingly, the names were proposed en bloc by DR, seconded by JP and duly elected nem con.
At that point, MT mentioned the sterling task by RG in translating the Membership Application Form, together with all the information therein, into French. He would like to express his thanks and appreciation to RG, for all the efforts in so doing, on behalf of WOA and would ask for that to be duly minuted accordingly.

5. WOA National Committee. MT explained to the meeting that, as the CI Group Representative, he had a seat on the National Committee. The Committee would normally meet 4 times a year but reducing to 3 from 2018 onwards. Unfortunately, apart from the usual email correspondence, he had not been able to be present physically at any of the meetings during the present year.

6. Reports of Past Events 2016 – 2017. MT confirmed that the reports of all the past events over the last 12 months, on and off the water, had been circulated to members and had also been duly published on the website.

7. Future Events 2017 – 2018. MT again pointed out that details of events to be held, up to and including the Laying Up Supper in October 2017, were as listed on the CIG page of the website. He highlighted in particular the forthcoming visit to Guernsey by Mary Buchanan, Vice Commodore, and her husband Ian in September and that an informal supper at the GYC had been arranged on Saturday 2nd September 2017. Hopefully, there would be a large turnout of CIG members for such a “get-together”. A general discussion of future events to be organised then followed. BS agreed to draft a questionnaire for circulation to all the members, asking for views and suggestions concerning events to be organised.

8. CIG Income and Expenditure Account. MT reiterated to the meeting that, within the existing Area Group Rules (Rule 6.1), there were no provisions for holding any funds or having a Bank Account. He advised the meeting that the position would be kept under review as an ongoing item on the Agenda.

9. AOB
i MT reminded the meeting of the forthcoming WOA AGM at the Life Boat College, Poole, on Saturday 27th January 2018.
ii MT mentioned that he understood the 2018 WOA National Summer Cruise would be to the West Country, to be organised by Andy Truscott.
iii MT once again expressed his wish to stand down as CIG Area representative. He felt it was about time someone should take over from him, citing examples of similar working arrangements in other Area Groups. A lengthy discussion then followed. The outcome was that it was agreed to ask MT to continue his role during the on coming months, as it was felt that the CIG would cease to exist if he was to stand down in the absence of a successor to take over from him. Ideally, a volunteer would come forward to work alongside MT for a period of time, with a view to take over. DJ thanked MT for all the work he had done, citing the ECG as an example to persevere.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 18.15 with a word of thanks from MT. A pre-booked dinner then followed in the Harbour Room.


1st July 2017
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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