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Annual Photographic Competition for ‘‘the most impressive digital image including all or part of a Westerly’’

The 2018 competition will be open soon.

The overall winner of the 2017 Annual Photographic Competition was 'How many crew?!' by Hefin Davies.

The ten finalists can be viewed by clicking the winning photo on the right and Click Here to view all the entries

The Winning Entry


How many crew?! by Hefin Davies

click the image for a larger view of the finalists

Rules and Guidelines
Images may be of any subject matter which includes all or part of a Westerly.
Each member may submit up to 3 digital images to the competition each year. The photographer may replace the images submitted at any time prior to the close of each year’s competition.
The Member submitting the image must be the copyright holder (normally the photographer) and by submitting an image grants WOA permission to reproduce the image and to allow others to reproduce the image in pursuance of the published Objects of the Association, but excluding sale of the image.
Closing Date
The Annual Photographic Competition closes on 30th November.
The Commodore will appoint a panel of judges to select the winning entry. Their decision will be final. The winner will be presented with the Navigators & General Trophy at the following AGM.

Competition Guidelines

Submissions may be artistic, dramatic, humorous or of any other style the photographer chooses. To be suitable for the front cover of the Magazine, an image should be in ‘portrait’ format, but this is not a formal requirement for entries. It should also be near the maximum size of 4MB.
Pictures submitted should be digital images at the maximum resolution available, but no larger than 4MB. Images of size less than 200Kb are unlikely to be of sufficient quality. Please use jpg images.
Submitting your Images
Browse for each of your images in turn. You must add the title before submitting the image. Images may be replaced at any time until the close of competition by simply Browsing and Submitting another image in its place. If the image does not appear to change after replacement, try your browser refresh button or exit the page and try again.