Rudder Bushes

Pictures, Drawings and details of suppliers here

Douglas Murray, himself a Westerly Owner, says that his company, Machined Components Ltd, manufacture complete assemblies and parts for “Vassen” type square opening ports, as fitted to Conways etc He used to supply Westerly Spares with these items before Westerlys’ demise. If you have had problems with opening ports on your boat, please contact Douglas Murray , tel 01294 278112 or fax 01294 277698.

Vinyl & Logos
Imagination Signs, 43 Birdham Road, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 8TB Tel: 01243 783569. Imagination Signs were the main supplier of original stripes-model names and special logos. Since then they have supplied replacement graphics direct, although some of the narrow stripes are now unavailable. They have a good understanding of the graphics packages which were applied to Westerlys and offer help and advice to owners. Contact David C. Hamilton by email please

Electrical switch panel breakers by Tom Bishop
Many Westerly yachts have switch panels fitted with Weber circuit breakers and there have been occasional comments in the past that it is difficult to find a source of replacements, so the following may be of interest: Weber were acquired by Schurter in 1996, and for some years the breakers were fairly readily obtainable under the Schurter brand. However, in 2006 Gareth McComb reported that a distributor had advised him that the T12-221 type breakers as fitted by Westerly were a discontinued item. In March 2010, there is only one T-12-221 type in the Schurter eStore – in a rating not fitted by Westerly.

Trafalgar Yacht Services are selling “Weber type” breakers, reportedly manufactured in China. Weber Breakers

Companionway locks by Richard Salliss
These cost in the region of £20 from chandlers. However, they can be had much cheaper! Google for Camlock and order a catalogue. For the record the 2D CAMLOCK 18MM fit a Seahawk and my guess is anything else in the Westerly range. You can choose from a variety of different keys.

Instrument Pods
Newly moulded Instrument Pods are now available for sale. The moulding was taken from Roy Bailey’s Westerly Fulmar 32 but these may fit other boats with a bit of trimming. Email Andy Leake for details: