Centaur 50th Anniversary Rally

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50 Years of the Centaur – Classic Sailor

How Westerly Communicates

Take a look at our  Discussion Forum, Facebook Page, and our Wiki. They are all complementary ways in which WOA communicates with members and Westerly Yacht Owners

Facebook pages at Westerly Owners’ Association https://www.facebook.com/www.WesterlyOwnersAssociation are our social media chat space,

The active Discussion Forum, on this web site at https://westerly-owners.co.uk/activity/, is for “How to” Questions and Answers…..expect an answer within the hour,

The Wiki at https://wiki.westerly-owners.co.uk is our archive that stores data about our boats and common maintenance tasks in a readily searchable format as well as a comprehensive library of Westerly brochures.