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Stop the Press – a Story about Insurance

Insured…are you sure?

‘Yes dear, we’re fully insured, well I’m sure we are, well I think we are, I’ll just read the policy (for the first time).’

A friend of mine, let’s call him Ed, has been coughing up his annual premiums for years with the same insurer believing he had the same full coverage summer and winter.

This year his lovely big sailing boat went from its storage on the hard back onto its mooring on the River 2nd week of March, almost immediately there was a mighty storm, so mighty it caused the mast to collapse. ‘Phew’ said Ed, ‘good job I’ve got comprehensive cover. I’ll contact the insurers’.

‘Yes, Ed, you do have insurance for this incident’ said the nice insurance company, ‘but, of course, because it’s prior to 1st April we only cover 80% of the cost and the excess is not £1,000 it’s £2,000’.

‘What’? or words to that effect, said Ed.

Ed thought, ‘I’d better tell my sailing chums about this’. ‘Blimey’, Ed’s chums said, ‘we’d better read the insurance policy’. Many didn’t have cover prior to 1st April, many had higher winter excesses than summer ones.

All checked their policies and made the appropriate altercations.

Moral of the story, check what your policy says it may note say what you think it says.

by Tim Baker (checked, and I’m fully insured for full year in commission.)

Posted 25th April 2024

Southampton International Boat Show Members Ticket Offer

WOA will again be represented at this year’s Southampton International Boat Show.

We are delighted to be able to offer our members a discounted rate on general admission tickets of £19.99 (£29.99 face value) using our code to purchase tickets for Any One Day of the Show.

Members can buy as many tickets as they require, the offer is open until 1st August.

1. Visit: https://www.southamptonboatshow.com/tickets/

2. Enter: WESTOWNASSOC into the promo code box and click apply

3. Add: Any One Day – Exhibitor Guest Tickets to your basket (highlighted in green)

4. Click: Next and continue through the checkout process.

Posted on 6th March 2024

WOA Yearbook Survey Results

Please find attached the results of the recent WOA Yearbook Survey.

Posted 26th February 2024

Gas Safety – WOA Wiki information for gas regulators for LPG systems.

The following has been written for our members by Nick Vass of Omega Yacht Services, a gas qualified marine surveyor. Please click below to view the attachment.

Association Summer Cruise 2024 (ASC24) Expression Of Interest

The WOA Committee has proposed that the Association Summer Cruise in 2024 will be held in the East Coast area between 14th June to 5th July 2024.

The East Coast Group have been working to refine the schedule especially with the critical nature of tides in mind to enable a crossing of the Thames Estuary at the commencement of the cruise and to facilitate a successful journey to London with the following tide towards the end of the cruise. The complete first draft of the proposed schedule is as follows:

Friday 14/06/2024 Arrive Ramsgate

Saturday 15/06/2024 Ramsgate

Sunday 16/06/2024 Ramsgate

Monday 17/06/2024 Passage to the Orwell Area (Harwich/Shotley/Levington/Ipswich) exact details to be determined.

Tuesday 18/06/2024 Orwell Area

Wednesday 19/06/2024 Orwell Area

Thursday 20/06/2024 Orwell Area

Friday 21/06/2024 Orwell Area

Saturday 22/06/2024 Passage to Brightlingsea and the River Blackwater

Sunday 23/06/2024 River Blackwater area

Monday 24/06/2024 Passage to Queenborough and the River Medway

Tuesday 25/06/2024 Passage to Chatham

Wednesday 26/06/2024 Chatham

Thursday 27/06/2024 Passage to Queenborough

Friday 28/06/2024 Passage to London

Saturday 29/06/2024 Remain in London

Sunday 30/06/2024 Remain in London

Monday 01/07/2024 Cruise end boats to disperse

As can be seen there are gaps in the itinerary which allow for flexibility in locations and activities. Participants may wish to join and depart the cruise at any point in the itinerary. I therefore ask, that should you wish to express an interest in this cruise, you reply to this e mail as an ‘Expression of Interest’ without commitment.

Please reply to me with your ‘Expression of Interest’ as soon as possible. This will not exclude you from changing your mind at a later date. Should you not wish to take part in any particular locations or have any other locations or activities you may wish to visit or take part in please advise me in your response.

From your response, we can then gauge the potential number of attending yachts and crews from which we can work to reserve berths/moorings and shoreside activities.

Brian Jones, eastcoastrep@westerly-owners.co.uk

Posted 2nd January 2024

Latest Calor Gas News – Calor Reverse Decision!!

Before Christmas a notice was circulating on social media stating that Calor were to continue the supply of 4.5kg butane cylinders.

As pleased as we were at this news, as it could not be confirmed, we didn’t celebrate.

I’m pleased to report that Hillary Corney has now had it confirmed by a very surprised Calor distributor following a telephone call by them to Calor. When they confirmed they were reversing their decision to stop the supply of these cylinders.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete the WOA Calor survey and also write to the CMA, I’m certain that it was the sheer volume of responses that got their attention.

Also, a huge thank you to Hillary Corney for masterminding the campaign.

A Happy New Year to you all.

Gill Clare, Commodore, The Westerly Owners’ Association.

Posted 28th December 2023

MRCC Visit Report – 12 July 2023

Please find attached the report from the MRCC visit Falmouth.

Posted 25th July 2023

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