Westerly in the Press

To broadly promote recreational sailing in Westerly yachts, the Association works to maintain and build awareness and knowledge of the Westerly brand, among owners and non-owners alike, by supplying ideas and articles to the major sailing press in the UK.

Practical Boat Owner – The Forecast – 9th May 2024
Featured story in ‘Forecast’
Sunk by the Rocks – An anchoring misadventure
WOA member Jeff Middleton describes his anchoring nightmare on Angelsey which ultimately led to the loss of his Berwick, Sesi.

Practical Boat Owner – The Forecast – 25th April 2024
Report about Richard Hare restoring a Westerly Konsort over a year. Link to article here – “Why restoring an old boat at the age of 71 was one of my better ideas” – Practical Boat Owner (pbo.co.uk)

PBO – 25th March 2024
Cirrus and Tiger in report by Clive Marsh as being great small boats. Link to article here – Westerly Cirrus and Tiger: two excellent fast cruisers that can now be bought for the price of a decent sofa! – Practical Boat Owner (pbo.co.uk)

Classic Boats, Blokes and Babes – Book written by Bob Aylard
Features the last boat that Westerly Constructed, A Fulmar 33.

All at Sea – March 2024
Follow up on the Centaur article

All at Sea – January 2024
Article on the Centaur

PBO – January 2024
Westerly Merlin used in the feature ‘Efficient anchoring by mobile phone’

February 2024 edition ‘All at Sea
Page 39: Shows a photo of past Commodore Gill Clare’s Solway – ‘Morning Mist’ dressed for Christmas at Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne.

February 2024 edition of ‘All at Sea’
Page 10: shows an article entitled ‘WESTERLY CENTAUR’ in response to the previous Centaur article. This one features Paul Shave’s Centaur – Blue Spindrift’ and Paul Atwells Fulmar ‘Celtic Breeze’

Forecast / PBO – 23rd January 24
Review of Westerly Konsort (Sarnia) by David Harding

Practical Boat Owner – October 22
Front Cover: Photo of Corsair
Page 12: Adam Lansdown letter ‘Dispelling the Myth’. Photo: Seahawk?
Pages 24-29: Best Used Yachts. £40-50K Corsair & photo of Konsort Duo.
Page 58: Checking the rigging article ‘Wind Gypsy Seahawk’.

Practical Boat Owner – September 22
Pages 6 – 8: End of life boats. Wreck of Centaur and abandoned Conway.

Practical Boat Owner – August 22
Page 9: A Big British Boat and Bicycle Bash, Storm

Practical Boat Owner – July 22
Contents page: Westerly Longbow photo
Pages 22-28: Best British cruisers around 32 ft Longbow plus others. Centaur, Discuss, Fulmar, Longbow.
Page 35: Seal spotting article. Photo Corsair 2?

Practical Boat Owner – June 22
Page 79: Rudder and engine mounts for Centaur. Includes plug for WOA.

Practical Boat Owner – May 22                
Page 7: Konsort Rubly Anniversary, written by Gary O’grady.
Page 25: British built cruisers around 30ft Konsort.
Page 26: Photo of Tempest.

Practical Boat Owner – March 22
Page 26: Cirrus sinking (very fast) article.
Page 61: Which Battery is best for my boat, Photo of Konsort.

Sailing Today with Yachts and Yachting – March 22
Page 32: Cruising Scotland and Spain – a busy summer, Typhoon.

Yachting Monthly Sept 22
Me and my boat Sadler, 26 alternatives Westerly Griffon.       

Yachting Monthly August 22
Page 25: The boats that changed cruising. Photo of Green Centaur + Centaur and W22
Page 78: MG335 Alternatives Westerly Storm 33.

Yachting Monthly June 22
Pages 23-26: Solway Ketch, Sailing coast of Ireland.
Pages 78-79: Maxi 1000 Alternatives, includes Westerly Storm.

Yachting Monthly April 22
Page 46: Cornwall’s Mevagissy. Photo of 3 boats moored up, not sure which Westerly.
Page 46: Wind turbine photo with Westerly – Article on tides etc. Not sure which Westerly.
Page 46: How to Sail round the Uk and Ireland, Oceanranger.                                                          

Practical Boat Owner Jan 22
Page 26: Article Boats with ballast can sink very fast, Westerly Cirrus.

Practical Boat Owner Nov 21
Page 32: Engine problems and alternatives on a cruise, Westerly Konsort
Page 48: Learning from experience article (bad weather), Westerly Centaur

Practical Boat Owner Nov 21
Front cover photo, Westerly Cirrus    

Sailing Today with Yachts and Yachting March 22
Page 17:   Cruising Scotland to Spain article, Westerly Typhoon

Sailing Today with Yachts and Yachting
Jan 22
Page 25: Article on circumnavigation at 70, Derek Hataway in a Fulmar

Yachting Monthly Feb 22
Page 34: Seamanship and going aground article, Bilge keel Seahawk on rocks
Page 91: Article on ‘Alternatives to Consider’, Westerly Tempest

Yachting Monthly Dec 21
Page 26: Article on bent prop shaft in the Celtic sea, article on trip in a Fulmar
Page 88: Article on ‘Alternatives to Consider’, Westerly Merlin                 

Yachting Monthly Nov 21
Page 45: Article on Sheltering from a storm in the Scillies, 2 bilge keel Westerlies one is a Konsort

Yachting Monthly Oct 21
Page 94: Article on ‘Alternatives to Consider’, Westerly Typhoon

Practical Boat owner October 2021
Page 12: Letters. Previous owner of Virtuoso Concerto commenting on article
Pages 58-60: Article on that sinking feeling. Story of Pageant and silencer problem and lessons learned

Sailing Today September 2021
Pages 40-47: Article Jura encircled including photos Westerly Konsort

Practical Boat owner September 2021
Page 28: Article Small boats big cruising. GK 24 with details and descrition
Page 62/3: Practical pages. How to replace rudder bushes on a Konsort called Concerto (Not Roger Clark’s Fulmar at the boat show this year with the same name!)

Yachting Monthly September 2021
Page 95: Article on alternative boats to consider. Westerly Typhoon description and photo

Yachting Monthly July 2021
Pages 60-63: GK 29 in Ionian sea storm. Article including photos

Practical Boat owner June 2021
Front cover photo: Ocean Ranger Shiatsu with spinnaker

Yachting Monthly June 2021
Page 30: Article on Traditional mooring skills. Westerley Fulmar photo alongside quay wall
Page 32: Drying out. Photo Westerly Conway on its bilge keels
Page 60: Food festival article. Photo Longbow and possibly Konsort in Padstow Marina
Page 72: Article on trip to East Coast from SC. Westerly Storm including photo with Felixtowe in background

Classic Sailor
A Classic Boat? David Greenwood of finding a boat that matched his desire to cruise the coast and canals and the depth of his pockets…

Yachting Monthly May 2021
Page 74: Article on ‘Labour for Sail’ – Features a Westerly 33 ketch

Yachting Monthly April 2021
Page 40: Article on How to find the perfect boat by Alun Jones – Features a bilge keel Konsort

Practical Boat owner April 2021
Front cover photo: features Phaula, a Fulmar

Sailing Today March 2021
Page 68: Interview of Graham Nixon, Outgoing Commodore of Royal Southern Yacht Club (Hamble)
Graham Nixon includes his ownership of a Centaur

Practical Boat Owner February 2020
‘A boat for life’
Page 3, 20, 21, 40 & 84: Konsort
Page 22: Konsort & Konsort Duo
Page 24: Merlin

Practical Boat Owner January 2020
Pages 24, GK24: ‘Proper Little Yachts’ by Peter Poland

Practical Boat Owner November 2019
Pages 26 to 27, Centaur and Griffon: Twin Keel Performers
Pages 33, Konsort: Buy First Boat
Pages 60,  Picture of Westerly: Living onboard in London
Pages 76 to 79, Nimrod: New keel for a Westerly Nimrod

Yachting Monthly October 2019
Pages 98 to 99,  Fulmar: Test report on Westerly Fulmar

Practical Boat Owner September 2019
Page 3,   Westerly Pagent picture
Page 9,   Centaur: Westerly Centaur Rally Report
Pages 20, 21 and 24, Pagent: Twice the Appeal

Cruising Association Magazine September 2019 edition
Cover picture of John Elliott’s Westerly Griffon Water Gypsy under spinnaker, approaching the ATSP buoy off Saint-Valery-surSomme. Photo: Camilla Herrmann.

Practical Boat Owner August 2019
Page 8,  Picture of Westerly: Spotlight on safety at sea
Page 32,  Cirrus: Small Offshore Cruisers
Pages  86 to 87,  Falcon: Powering a Windless

Practical Boat Owner Summer 2019 edition
Front Page, Westerly Falcon photo
Page 40 Konsort: Rafting made easy

Practical Boat Owner July 2019
Page 8, GK29.

Practical Boat Owner June 2019
Pages 32 to 37,  Konsort: Islands in the sun
Pages 80 to 81,  Centaur: Water Tank Replacement

Practical Boat Owner May 2019
Page 23, Fulmer, Pages 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33. Centaur Rally
Page81, New style WOA advert.

Practical Boat Owner Apr 2019
Page 8, Centaur Rally.

Practical Boat Owner Mar 2019
Page 20, Westerly 22, Page 25, Centaur, Page 76, Konsort.

Practical Boat Owner Feb 2019
Page 7, article about Centaur.

Practical Boat Owner  Feb 2018
An article covering boats in the size range of 37 to 39ft. Members of boats within that size range have provided the information and photos to Peter Poland for the article. Very good coverage for Sealord 40, Typhoon 37, and Oceanranger 38, and includes an interview with Mary Buchanan (WOA Commodore 2018).

Practical Boat Owner Jan 2018
An excellent piece on WOA presented as part of Peter Poland’s article on “Class Associations”.

The London Boat Show  Jan 2018
A Westerly Centaur was used as the platform for PBO’s “ask the experts” at the London Boat Show.

Practical Boat Owner  Coming up in 2018
Six adverts have been placed in PBO on a bi monthly basis during 2018.

Practical Boat Owner  Dec 2017
Westerly Owners Association advert appears in the Marine directory section.(1/8th size).

Practical Boat Owner  Oct 2017
Front cover picture of Brassed Off, a Westerly Discuss owned by Paul & Karen Walker from East Cowes I of W, who generally arrange for WOA members to take part in the East Cowes SC version of round the island race. Westerly Owners Association advert appears in the Marine directory section.(1/8th size).

Yachting Monthly  Jul 2017
Article written by Chris Beeson about the Westerly Konsort (Dick Durham’s boat Rafiki) as a “used boat review” where he extolls the virtues of the generous volume and comments on the sailing characteristics.

Practical Boat Owner  May 2017
Congratulations to PBO on its half-century anniversary issue. Its section “50 years of DIY boating” notes our own 50th anniversary, and includes “On the water with the WOA”, describing Editor David Pugh’s sail aboard Commodore George & Jill Pickburn’s Westerly Storm. “It’s no wonder so many Westerlys are still sailing, and that their owners take so much pride in them,” was his assessment.

Practical Boat Owner  Apr 2017
‘Corsair issue’ with WOA members Nick and Carol Bullen’s boat Annie on the front cover, WOA members Peter and Linda Dances’ Kejomi in a 3page feature, and WOA members Tony and Judi Williams’ Windeye one of the 34-36 footers outlined in Peter Poland’s series that also reviews the Falcon, Riviera, Vulcan and Oceandream – From JR

Practical Boat Owner Mar 2017
‘Corsair issue’ with WOA members Nick and Carol Bullen’s boat Annie on the front cover, WOA members Peter and Linda Dances’ Kejomi in a 3page feature, and WOA members Tony and Judi Williams’ Windeye one of the 34-36 footers outlined in Peter Poland’s series that also reviews the Falcon, Riviera, Vulcan and Oceandream – From JR

Practical Boat Owner  Feb 2017
“A False Alarm” Story of a Westerly Konsort (KT1 Bohemia) being transferred from Gosport to Falmouth encountering a battery charging problem. SafeTRX had been setup via mobile phone and triggered a call to Steff’s wife when the ETA had expired.

Yachting Life Jan 2017
WOA 50th article ‘Windward miles to the Westerly Jubilee’ on Mary Buchanan and Celtic gathering, Isle of Man, plus WOA charity cheque presentation photo and caption.

Yachting World Nov 2016
Inclusion – just, at number 48 – of Westerly Centaur in YW’s ‘50 yachts that changed the way we sail’ illustrated article featuring some of the world’s most beautiful sailing boats.

Practical Boat Owner Nov 2016
Front cover pic and article on Bob Shepton’s Westerly Discus Dodo’s Delight; pic and article on Jeremy and Kathy Spencer’s Westerly Solway 36 Sal Darago; and an illustrated account of how John and Wendy Culley’s Westerly Seahawk Wild Thyme was flooded – while ashore.

Yachting Monthly Oct 2016
Six page review of First Dawn Treader, Dubois-designed Mk I Seahawk 34 owned by WOA members Stephen and Vanessa Jervis.

Practical Boat Owner Sep 2016
‘Chasing the dream’ feature on WOA enthusiasts Bill and Sue Redgrove and their long distance voyaging on board their Westerly Sealord Camomile. Plus Mike and Mary-Ann’s leisurely trip round the UK in a Centaur, and a nod from the editor towards WOA’s 50th jubilee celebrations.

Yachting Life Jul 2016
‘Westerly Owners ride crest of 50th Jubilee wave’ two page feature on growth in numbers of Westerly yachts and success of owners’ association

Practical Boat Owner Jul 2016
Pages of sound advice and pictures on making a Westerly’s galley the homely heart of the boat.

Yachting Life, All at Sea and other relevant titles are also supplied with Westerly material when opportunities arise.