What WOA can do for you

You can join WOA through our shop (see Join WOA)

Members are occasionally asked what benefits the Westerly Owners’ Association offers – here’s a brief summary, should you need a reminder, of 10 ways the Association delivers unbeatable value to its membership (and why WOA has become the biggest yacht owner group in the world!).

  • It costs just £17.50 a year to be a member – or rather less than 35p a week! Overseas rate is £22.50.
  • With membership comes a complimentary copy of ‘ The Westerly Story,’ the definitive history of Westerly with an illustrated outline of every type of the 12,000+ boats they built. Normal price of the book is £12.50.
  • Members also receive two issues per year of a thriving, informative magazine all about Westerly boats and their owners, plus logs, reviews and technical articles.
  • In addition, there’s a 300 page yearbook packed with a register of members, mooring locations, boat-class memberships, and much more.
  • There are local area groups organising rallies, races, visits, cruises, winter meetings and other social events. The Association also runs national cruises and events each year. It takes stands at boat shows and jumbles too, providing a meeting place for owners and new members.
  • The Westerly Owners’ Association is a not-for-profit organisation run by fellow-owners for other owners. Each year it holds an AGM with special guest speakers. If you need general information, advice or opinions on your Westerly boat, WOA is invariably a good source.
  • A first-class website containing news, advertising and a wealth of Westerly data also gives members privileged access to special categories of on-line information: there are discussion groups and technical advice too. Members can place advertising on the site free of charge.
  • WOA offers a ‘Boatline’ service through which expert insight into particular types of Westerly can be accessed from existing owners; similarly there’s a network of Westerly harbour representatives able to offer well-informed local advice should you need it.
  • The Association helps ensure that the Westerly brand continues to have a strong presence in sailing press and in the market, so your Westerly can best retain its value.
  • Discounts on boat products and services are available to WOA members as is special marine insurance: often the savings on just one item will more than cover the subscription cost.