Thinking of changing boats? Struck a technical problem? Try phoning one of the Boatliners for assistance. ‘Boatliners’ either own, or have owned, the class of Westerly yacht indicated, and will have undertaken at least basic maintenance, probably some modifications, and have experience of sailing their vessels, enabling them to give an opinion on suitability and sailing qualities, as well as providing solutions to problems. The scheme works in parallel with the Discussion Group and Forum, by providing one-to-one contact, particuarly by phone. Please be aware that the Members who offer their services are keen sailors, and also spend a lot of time fettling their Westerly’s. In the Summer, this means that many are cruising for extended periods, and in the Winter may often be away working on their boats. Consequently, their availability is sometimes limited. It is increasingly common for them to have access to email whilst away. Those in locations other than the UK (either due to domicile or cruising) may also need a text message first.

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