Placing Adverts in the Website Classified sections

Be Alert to Fraud

Anyone using this website to buy or sell goods is advised to take care to avoid being defrauded.
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Members: All categories = free.

Non-members: Craft for sale/swop/share = £40. All other Classified categories = £10.
Commercial advertisers: For one specific Westerly vessel (any link must go to that particular craft) = £40.

Wanted ads are free.

Ads will be ‘on-line’ for 6 months (180 days) only.
They may be renewed on request (members) or repayment (non members).
To edit your Advert go to My Account, My Adverts


Members are entitled to advertise their own vessels and equipment only. Create an Advert (Members only).
WOA expects that members friends and family will either join to place a free advertisement, or pay the fees detailed above.
Brokers, Commercial organisations and others placing a paid advert for a vessel may include whatever information is appropriate subject to the note in Charges above that each advert is for one vessel only.

Note: Advertising in the Classified Sections excludes the provision of services or selling of new equipment by trade suppliers – who can advertise with us as a commercial advertiser (email:

Boat Swop/Share

The “Boat Swop/Share” facility allows you to offer your boat in exchange for another. The only requirement is that the vessel either offered or requested must be a Westerly – or both. You may ask for, or offer money as well as the vessel in exchange; in other words you can ask to trade up or down. This is also the place to offer or request a share in a Westerly (syndicates). Otherwise, all WOA requirements remain the same.


Your ad should include a description, together with your name and contact details, and a price where appropriate – Please do not use all capitals. Please specify the Classified category you wish to advertise in:

Craft for Sale
Equipment for Sale
Craft & Equipment Wanted
Boat Share / Swop
Crew – Wanted/Available

Images should be your own. Do not use images from brokers websites as these will be copyrighted.

If you need help you can send your copy to and we will place your text and photo’s.

Sold your boat or equipment? Please remove the ad.

Pleased with the response from your ad? Then please let us know so we can tell others.