Forum Rules

Please be aware of the following guidelines for using the Forum.

The Westerly Owners’ Association is hereinafter referred to as WOA.
The Westerly Owners’ Association Bulletin Board is hereinafter referred to as “the Forum” or “Forum”.
These Rules, Requirements and Requests are for your Guidance and Observation, and to protect the voluntary team who moderate the Forum on your behalf. It is a condition of Membership that you accept these Rules.

Please take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy when posting to the list. Remember this is a public facility, and you are responsible for your comments and actions. You also agree to your posts being used in other public facilities, whether or not associated with this Group or any other public facility, including WOA provided facilities. By joining this Forum, you agree to hold neither the moderators nor anyone affiliated with WOA responsible or liable for any circumstance resulting from WOA related information or communication. WOA has no responsibility for any consequential or other loss, howsoever incurred, as a result of information offered by the Forum.

  • Posts must be Legal & Appropriate for all ages. This is a public facility, so no bad language or offensive comments.
  • The subject line of any post should be relevant to the subject being discussed. Please stay on topic, whether posting to the list or direct to another member.
  • Do not contact other members either on the Forum or by “PM” (Private Message) about non-Westerly Owners’ Association activities or other subjects (e.g. moneymaking schemes, sponsorship, “funnies”, etc.)
  • No advertising, personal or commercial. This includes selling, requesting or giving away of boats or equipment. You may post a link that is directed to an advert on the WOA Classifieds page.
  • Recommendation of a product or service is allowed, but it must be corroborated by a statement that there is no connection between the recommender and the recommended.
  • If the message is personal, please reply direct to that person by “PM” (Private Message).

The Moderating Team have the right to edit or delete posts that do not comply with these rules, or for any reason that might cause the contents to be illegal or cause offence to others.
Please abide by these rules. The Forum Moderating Team has the authority to Update/Change these rules at any time. Your account may be closed at the direction of a Moderator in accordance with these rules.

You can contact the WOA Forum Team through